Sunday, July 20, 2008

Communications, Explanations and Balance

Yesterday I was reading through some yahoo group emails from people. One person stated that I hated someone. I never hated this person yet I did hate the sarcasm and ways he had belittled me in the past. I had to work through these issues, and find one of the things in my life that I was clinging to which was a wrong thought. All of the issues in your lives can cause lack of harmony with ourselves and others. We are never on the same page as everyone else.

So I gave an explanation of what caused it saying I never hated this person. He had really helped me work through some emotions I thought I had dealt with but that came back in this instance. It goes back to abuse and cruelty which no one really wants to hear about but I did not want to go down as hating anyone.

Communications with ourselves and others can be the bane of this world. We try to do and say the right things and never have it go right. We can fall into others comments and just cause more troubles. Explaining ourselves instead of being seen as something purged and cured because of the challenges and interactions with others can be taken wrong. We are at the mercy of the emails.

Balance in our life comes when we deal with ourselves and the issues brought up. It means that I could not let that comment go by as I did not hate this person. Just how they acted at times. Hate is not right as it is something engendered by emotions which cause us to go out of balance.

Many victims of abuse dig themselves into a spiritual pit that has to be dug out of to balance their lives. Issues, emotions, communications are all part of this and stating what we are about can help or make things worse. I guess it depends upon the people involved and the willingness to realize what the person means.

Fluffy bunny was mentioned as a name for others who just sort of go along on the happy side of life. It is a nice image. Yet are people more bold, and touchy on the Internet because we know we will not meet the people we talk too? Do they take advantage of that distance to act poorly? Yes they do. The only thing we can do is to keep ourselves in balance. Realize that a difficult person is someone we need to watch our reactions on in every way. They may be a gift from the divine to show us where our weakness is that is holding us back in our studies and our life.

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