Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shamanism Techniques and how they are marketed

I just watched an interesting series of videos. They are talking about techniques from ancient peoples and quote the nationalities. Yet they tie it into 2012 when in the cases of a couple of them I have heard of no years mentioned. Just incidents that would happen before mankind became able to have years of peace.

They then mentioned DNA, and the directions. The directions and the medicine wheel are sacred yet where did the DNA get added? I saw the rites in the video and even with out describing them completely I could see what they were doing and they had great potential.

Yet they added in the rest of this to attract people to what they were doing instead of staying real. That is such a shame as their methods had merit and could help many people. Why not stay in truth with out adding in all of the catch phrases?

The ancient shamanic techniques are priceless and I guess they felt that by adding these additions they could reach more people which would be a good thing. Yet why isn't reality enough to show that the work is enough to let people judge on its merits?

I guess that is where I go wrong. I do not fancy my methods up and look evolved. I am just happy when I help others.

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