Saturday, July 12, 2008

New Article and my book is now formatted for the Kindle Reader

I have been busy dealing with the mundane things of life over the last week. It seems that at times God wants you to focus on something else than the spiritual. I know last week was one of those weeks.

I did accomplish a great deal. I had a friend volunteer to help me format my present book into the Kindle book format. The moment he volunteered to do something his life got extremely busy. Yet he was persistent so thank you Stephen. It is now on sale along with the PDF and print book on

I also added a new article. Transformation and transmutation. My clients have problems with denial and accepting illusion and delusion as a part of their lives. I have three remedies for people who do have problems and need clearing in the article. It works upon closure and the traumas involved in any sort of relationship that a person has with family, friends, loved ones, and work.

People who can not seem to let go most of the time are also beating themselves up for being stupid or making the wrong choices. I have been working on denial also where people refuse to believe the truth and reality of situations. I always write the article and then get back to it to see how it reads when I have thought about it a bit.

I hope it will be a big help for people with these problems. Curing our blockages normally brings abundance into our lives. This is not only financial abundance but other forms of abundance. It shows the truth of the friends, and people who love us which is also a form of abundance. Blockages can also bring about health problems and other issues. Everyone who is alive on this plane has these problems.

It is working through them and forgiving ourselves for bad choices, accepting reality, and having closure to situations where people hurt us. Learning mechanisms for coping and dealing with these issues will make it so the person heals quickly, and does not have the energy connections where negativity can attach to them and make their life miserable.

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