Sunday, July 6, 2008

Demon in the Window

I posted this photograph on my website to show what images a digital camera can take when aimed at a ghost or other entity. I took this photograph in Colorado where I was working on a case. A family needed their house cleared and help because the daughter had done magic. She heard voices and became schizophrenic. The voices had been happening since she was a child.

The Mother asked for my help. I was in the basement where it felt the most disturbing energetically. I saw something standing in the window. It was daylight and there was nothing dark in the room. I snapped this photograph, and one that was taken after the exorcism.

It was amazing to see how clear it was compared to this photograph. I have a photo gallery on my astral healer website. Demons or negative entities are malevolent and have been recorded through out history. Legends of malevolent spirits are present in all cultures along with the legends about angels or good spirits.

I believe that demons can look out of mirrors and glass to manifest into a home. It forms energetic gateways to get into the energies of a house. The demons seem to exist in other dimensions so can manifest in many different ways.

They have to use the energy of this earth to exist here along with the matter of this earth. It is why there is always a certain amount of distortion and clouds in energies in many of my photographs.

I use a Nikon automatic focus camera. I hope you enjoy the photograph.

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