Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wounded Healers

Wounded healers happen because they are so busy working on others that they ignore their own problems. Any person who does magic and energy work should take a day off a week at least and do nothing magical. Reading is acceptable but you have to allow yourself to recharge so you are effective.

Anyone that does exorcisms, and helps people who are being harmed with psychic attack and warfare should have someone else do a cleansing on them when ever it is possible. Spirits and evil are tricky and no matter how much you think you are OK cleansing is important.

The aura cleansing ceremony I have is great for doing this. You can use incenses to clear yourself and your space. Voodoo has floor washes and baths which I always enjoy doing. Washing away the dirt and the evil at the same time always feels good.

Yet every healer should be sure to do something to relax and not be at work all of the time. You will not be as effective in your work if you do not take breaks occasionally. Today is one of those days for me.

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