Friday, July 25, 2008

Shamanism Continued

I did read up on the shamanism techniques with the New Age beliefs and methods added to them. Even with the extras it ought to be of benefit to many people. I do not like the dogma about 2012 being added in yet people can become luminous bodies even with out 2012.

It is what is called an Ascended Master in magic and other beliefs. The Norse Gods and many others could be considered Ascended Masters from another point of view. They always had a divine that they worshiped. People have been perfecting themselves for many years and they do not need a deadline to do it.

I am a bloodline lineage Shaman and Witch with receiving a Lineage Grimoire in my youth. I can do things similar but many times the research into different cultures bring out new techniques that are useful.

I just wish they would have left out the 2012 myth like if you do not ascend then you get left behind. I always feel cults and toxic leaders have a them against us manifesto. They try to control people by apocalyptic occurrences and deadlines.

It is why I have such a knee jerk reaction to many of the new shifts, and beliefs going on because no one knows for sure what is going to occur.

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