Friday, July 18, 2008

Compassion and Kindness

Someone on a group I post upon mentioned how groups on hermetic magic are touchy and have arguments with people. I wish I could say that was not true but it is true. I have been touchy myself but most of it has been reactions to the way people talked to me.

Yet why should I let them pull me into past pain and sorrows. We all react to something said in a way that has been abusive, sarcastic or said to make the person feel important. Yet what if we thought first and saw the emotions behind the statements. Yet most of it is lack of consideration for others feelings.

Metta meditation or loving kindness meditation when done properly can change the way people react for a block around the person doing it. Broadcasting it to everyone in the neighborhood affects how people treat others.

Yet all of us get caught in the trap of verbal assault at times. Magic is supposed to be a pressure cooker that helps the magician to overcome these problems. Yet no matter how advanced and how much is studied sooner or later something will happen to show that one reaction missed or situation missed that can cause a negative reaction.

The reason for this is perfecting ourselves on this earth. God shows us our flaws. The way to redeem ourselves is to let our divine spark show through and do kindness, charity and compassion for others.

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