Monday, July 14, 2008


Everyone has blockages in their lives. Many people just react in such ways that it happens. Others have it happen because of the ill wishes, curses, and hexes of others. Ancestral curses are planned blockages for each person of a bloodline.

Planned blockages come under the category of different subjects. Family illnesses can be one. Problems with Abundance, and money another. Other times it is just the way people react to the victims.

Blockages have key words and actions that make a blockage permanent. One example is Nobody loves me. Everyone has had one person that loved them in their lives. Yet that sentence is a key sentence stuck in a mind from childhood that starts a series of reactions.

I have a new article on Transformation and Transmutation that should help people working on these sorts of problems. I also have methods mentioned in the article. It is part of the project I have been working upon trying to help others.

I hope all of you enjoy the article.

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