Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Spiritual Malware in A Person's Life

I just had an attack on my computer that I had to fix. The firewall would not let anything out and would not uninstall. I figured it out and found a way to fix the problems. I thought about it and realize it is what I do magically and spiritually for others. Build up a firewall and fix the problems of why it does not work at times.

Everyones spiritual system is different so the things that need to be blocked are not the same. Neither are the types of attacks, or problems. Shields are so important just like firewalls. The rituals and spells are the program that runs the spiritual firewall. The ability to do this properly is the only thing that limits someone from being protected.

Yet sometimes there is something large and nasty that prevents the firewall. It attacks it and the person is stuck in place by the sheer energy and evil of it. Yet it is finding out what happened and fixing the shield so nothing can do that again.

Victims of psychic attack never realize that sometimes the methods have to be added to or beefed up just like on a computer. The success in the defense may depend upon how many rules you can add that limit the attack just like the expert rules on the computer. These rules are called parameters (limits) and conditions.

I know many spells and rituals for this very reason. I learn more all of the time as the spells and rituals used to harm people always change. It means that is the only way to really help the most people. You have to be an eternal student who always is willing to learn. You have to be able to find a challenge fun and treat it like a detective novel.

Once a spell takes over it is just like a virus on a computer it multiplies and effects everything. It is why a curse can take 20 minutes to do and 6 months to remove.

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